Nevada Divorce Insights with Victoria Crockett
Nevada Divorce Insights with Victoria Crockett
Nevada Divorce Insights with Victoria Crockett

Nevada Divorce Insights is a forum where we discuss various aspects of the divorce or annulment process from the perspective of a paralegal with 20 years of experience filing with Nevada family courts.

When Nevada achieved statehood on October 31, 1864, the requirement to become a bona fide citizen of the state was continuous residence for six months. Once an official citizen, a resident could vote and file a lawsuit, including divorce suits, in a Nevada court.

Unlike child support, in Nevada there is no percentage guidance for the award of alimony. Nevada law indicates the court should consider eleven factors when deciding on the amount and length of alimony, including the length of the marriage, the financial condition of each spouse, the property owned, and other factors.

Annulments and divorces both dissolve the marriage, but they are also very different. There are some important differences you need to know if you are not sure whether to apply for an annulment or a divorce.

A joint petition divorce, when both parties are signing the papers and agreeing to the terms, is granted normally in a week. One spouse (or both) must live in Nevada for at least 6 weeks before filing for divorce, and intend to remain here indefinitely, unless a party is in the military.

When parents are married, custody issues are decided as part of a divorce, separation, or annulment. If you and the other parent can agree to most or all of terms, the case can be finished fairly quickly.

There is no time limit to file for annulment. Annulments are only granted for the specific reasons listed below. Anyone who asks the court for an annulment can use one of several reasons.

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